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Fusion Logistics provides you with the experience, services,and technology to be your single source partner for your "Final Mile Delivery" and "Supply Chain Network." By providing multiple logistics options, we integrate or "Bundle" our services together, leading to a seamless "Supply Chain Solution."

  • National On-Demand Service
    • Fusion Direct
    • Fusion Regular
    • Fusion Same-Day
    • Fusion Distance
  • Scheduled/Routed Service
  • Distribution Service
  • Fleet Replacement Service
  • Warehouse Management Service
  • End-To-End Delivery Management
  • Single Source Solutions and Resolution
  • Optimized Routing Solutions
  • Web-Based Order Entry, Tracking & Tracing*
  • Scanning & EPOD*
  • Chain of Custody Control
  • Dashboard Reporting
    • In-Transit Performance Matrixes
    • Performance & Cost Trends
    • Delivery Cost to Product Cost Analysis