about our company


Fusion Logistics is an innovative national Logistics service provider offering customers an array of best in class, leveraged final-mile supply chain solutions.

Our operating model provides low cost, value-added services to our customers that solve their final-mile supply chain challenges.

Our sustainable, scalable, and flexible solutions are driven by performance metrics resulting in enhanced financial performance while providing an exceptional service experience to our customers.

our mission

We strive to deliver superior quality services that create customer benefits, a competitive advantage, and a high level of reliability and trust.

It is our responsibility to provide an exceptional experience and value consistently as we are an extension of our customers when servicing their clients.

Value proposition

Our value proposition supports companies that face high delivery costs, inflexibility to scale to demand, and burdened with too many vendors in their supply chain’s final-mile delivery network.

Our solution is to leverage our network resources, technology platform, and industry experience to create a scalable, efficient, and sustainable, world-class delivery experience. This results in satisfied customers, lower delivery costs, and reduced complexity, managed under a single-sourced integrated final-mile delivery process.

Ready to Get Fused?

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